A toy chest in the corner lay open; dice and cards spilling out and onto the dusty hardwood floor. Rules and boards were scrawled in messy pen on any surface that might take them, and all the edges were worn and creased, each tear the sign of a game hard won or bitterly lost. 

In addition to writing and VO, I also do some games design. Here you can find some of my latest projects.

Happy Birthday Dracula!

It’s Dracula’s birthday party and you’ve got an invitation! This is your chance to show all the other monsters that you’re cool and hip and have lots of fun human friends (that Dracula can eat if he gets snacky). There’s only one problem: none of that’s true. You’d better find some humans to come to the party, and quickly!

Happy Birthday Dracula is a lighthearted social game for 3-6 players, where you play weird monsters trying to convince weirder humans to come to a party. It’s horrifically fun!