“I haven’t slept in some time. I can’t sleep. My dreams are crawling and many-legged. They are slithering and burrowing. But they always sing the song of flesh.”

A box of old cassette tapes caught their eye. The labels were oblique, but made the promise of sinister mysteries and bone-deep terror. And sure enough each in turn poured forth a sorry tale of spectres and blood, of darkness beyond the edges of a watchful eye. But as they listened to these disparate cries of the damned, knitted together by a single voice, the stories each began to join as one, and formed a web yet more horrifying still.

The Magnus Archives is a weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of The Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join the new Head Archivist, Jonathan Sims, as he attempts to bring a seemingly neglected collection of supernatural statements up to date, converting them to audio and supplementing them with follow-up work from his small but dedicated team.

Individually, they are unsettling. Together they begin to form a picture that is truly horrifying because as he looks into the depths of the archives, something starts to look back…

Written and performed myself, along with guest actors; and directed by Alexander J Newall. New episodes every Thursday!

Showcase:  Episode #7 – The Piper // (Transcript)

Showcase: Episodes #15 – Lost Johns’ Cave // (Transcript)

Showcase: Episode #38 – Lost & Found // (Transcript)

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