Other Work

Zombies, Run! – The Graveyard Route

Written for Six to Start, the company behind Zombies, Run! this exercise audiodrama miniseries starts as a podcast tour of the picturesque Pittford Cemetery, but quickly turns sinister as the night draws in, and voices emerge from the shadows and a dark past that should not be forgotten.

Check it out here.


Outliers is an historic fiction podcast that explores how big events filter down and are viewed and shaped by the people in the shadows. I wrote two episodes for it:

S1E2 – ‘Strange Stars’ – This dark tale is told by the Chaplin of the Tower of London about his encounter with the Sorcerer Hew Draper.

S2E12 – ‘For King and Country’ – Three soldiers of the Black Watch are put to death at the Tower of London. Their sentence: mutiny. Their silence, historic.

Listen to them here.

Short Stories

In addition to larger projects, I have stories in some smaller collections and anthologies.

The Hierophant, Great British Horror: Major Arcana – check it out here.

Last Laugh, Curtains: 84 Concert Visions To Benefit #SaveOurStages – check it out here.