“…a beautifully eccentric melding of classical myth, folksy tunes, and story-telling talent.”

A toy spaceship lay discarded in a corner, all dieselpunk rocketry and crude angles. As they held it to the light there was a shift from somewhere deep inside it and tinny music began to play. It was an old folk melody and, though the name was lost to them, something melancholy prickled from the corner of a memory. Looking through one of the portholes, they could just make out the figures of a tiny crew, with faces cast in expressions of violence and joy.

Myth, music and maniacal space pirates! The Mechanisms are a crew of immortal sci-fi bandits: hyper-violent troubadours singing tales of love, death and the occasional star war. From the neo-noir backstreets of an Olympian-ruled city to the rusted deserts of a crumbling Arthurian space station, the Mechanisms have seen, sung and shot just about everything.

I’ve been the head writer and lead singer (First Mate) of the band since its inception back in 2010, performing as notorious murderer and moderate cannibal Jonny d’Ville. Since then, we’ve put out four albums, most recently Viking space-train horror show The Bifrost Incident. It’s a labour of love, reworking old myths, well-trodden fairytales and half-forgotten folk songs into something raw and new. And aside from all that, there’s no joy quite as intense as screaming your head off onstage.

Showcase: Ulysses Dies at Dawn

Showcase: Frankenstein

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